Paramore Broke The Decades-Long 'Nashville Curse,' According To An Elevator

Elevators are normally an unlikely source for useful information, but a local Nashville lift begs to differ. Paramore front woman Hayley Williams recently took to her Instagram Story to show fans a screenshot of a text conversation between her and a friend where said friend sent her a snapshot of a "fun fact" in the elevator she was riding that credited the band for lifting a decades-long "Nashville Curse."

“Did you know? There used to be a ‘Nashville Curse.’ It started in the ’80s when a band you’ve probably never heard of (because you know, curse) called Jason & the Nashville Scorchers, removed ‘Nashville’ from their name," the plaque reads. "The Rock gods frowned on this and no Nashville rock band sold a million records until Paramore broke it with their second album Riot! in 2007.”

Check out the informative screenshot below.

Their sophomore album wasn't the only one to hit the million records mark: 2009's Brand New Eyes and 2013's self-titled album both have also been certified Platinum. And if Williams has anything to say about it, Paramore will be selling records for decades to come.

“We’re all friends and we all make music in different parts, together. So I feel like, yes, I want to be in Paramore,” Williams said in an interview earlier this year. “I never want to have to put out a press release that says we’re over or that I quit or that we’re taking a hiatus, which is essentially a marketing ploy these days. I would rather it just be. It just is a part of each of our DNA. If we choose to move into it as a brand and put a name on these songs and make a new t-shirt, then awesome. But I’ve been in a band with them since I was 12; I don’t think the band is going anywhere. As long as we’re friends, the band just is. It’s just in us.”

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