Mike Shinoda Shares Clip Of BTS Jamming To Linkin Park

You'd never think the words Mike Shinoda and K-Pop group BTS would be in the same sentence but here we are.

On Monday (July 13), Shinoda surprised all his fans when he gave a special shoutout to BTS along with their fans on Twitter. 

The kudos to the group happened when he retweeted a video of two of the band's members, Jungkook and V, jamming out to Linkin Park's Minutes To Midnight track “Given Up” in a resurfaced video from a few years back.

In his retweet he wrote a simple reply that was a pleasant surprise to fans: “🔥BTS army 🔥LP soldiers 🔥”

As it turns out, there is an unlikely crossover between Linkin Park fans and BTS fans with many taking to his replies to thank him for showing support and being surprised that their worlds have collided.

“I'm actually in tears right now. You were my high school years, the only band I've ever loved, that I was a fan of, that made that fluttering feeling inside. I grew up with you. No one gave me that feeling until BTS showed up in my life,” one fan wrote while another commented, “I've loved Linkin Park since I was 11 and I got into BTS a few years ago because they have the same family vibe and dedication to music that Linkin Park has always had.”

Even Linkin Park fans were impressed by the guys' jam session, “I’m not really into Kpop but these guys look like they go hard,” one LP fan wrote.

During one of his live streams, Shinoda even made a K-Pop and pop-punk mashup where he based the former beat off BTS.

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