The Offspring Share Hilarious 'We Never Have Sex Anymore' Video: Watch

The Offspring have always been known for their humor, and though their new album Let The Bad Times Roll addresses serious subject matter, it's still done in a tongue-and-cheek sort of way. After sharing a video that was equally as terrifying as it was funny for the album's title track, the band went full-on hilarious for their "We Never Have Sex Anymore" video.

The song, which laments the death of passion, stars two chimps acting out the everyday scenes of a couple who've been married for decades. Fed up with, well, not having sex anymore, the husband visits a strip club where he parties with dancers and actor John Stamos while The Offspring performs on the catwalk. Watching Full House's Uncle Jesse party with a chimp is exactly what the world needs right now.

Watch The Offspring's ridiculous "We Never Have Sex Anymore" video above.

Let The Bad Times Roll came out last month and is the band's 10th album. Though they finished it last year, frontman Dexter Holland recently explained to SPIN why they waited until 2021 to put it out.

“It’s almost like the time had to be right for this record for whatever reason it just wasn’t right until now,” he admitted before adding: “Where we’re at in the world is just a sort of onslaught of bad news and bad things. ‘Let the Bad Times Roll’ sounds like an attitude amongst the people who are like ‘Bring it! What else you got?!’”

Photo: Daveed Benito