Coldplay Announces New Album in October

Coldplay will release its ninth album, Music of the Spheres, on October 15th. 

Max Martin, who's produced and written number-one hits for The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson, produced the album.

Their new single, "Coloratura," drops Friday, along with another single in September. The band also released a trailer for the album, which is on below.

Here's the track listing (and yes, five of the song titles are emojis):

  1. "[Planet Emoji]" 
  2. "Higher Power"
  3. "Humankind"
  4. "[Sparkles Emoji]"
  5. "Let Somebody Go"
  6. "[Heart Emoji]"
  7. "People Of The Pride"
  8. "Biutyful"
  9. "[Earth Emoji]"
  10. "My Universe"
  11. "[Infinity Symbol Emoji]"
  12. "Coloratura"

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