Phoebe Bridgers Opens Up About Her Abortion In Raw Statement

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Last month, Phoebe Bridgers revealed she had an abortion last October while out on tour. Now she's opening up about her experience and why she chose to tell her story.

During an interview with The Guardian, Bridgers said she's tired of “people with good intentions saying: ‘Don’t say it was easy for you to make that decision – it was clearly really emotional.'” She explained, “And I wasn’t f***ing emotional at all. Hormonally crazy! But I don’t think you should assign ‘it tore me up’ to me. No! I don’t think about it as a baby, of course not.”

She went on to explain why she didn't hesitate to share her experience. “As a white, upper-middle-class woman from California, even if it were to be overturned, I will always have access," she said. “The people with access will always have access. What pisses me off is that we’re not talking about me. It’s so easy: I played in Texas the same week, and then I went home and was like: oh my God. Made the appointment. It was 12 hours of my life.”

On June 24, the Supreme court officially overturned Roe v. Wade, which means abortion rights are not federally enforced anymore and are instead up to individual states.

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