Colorado Is Home To One Of The Best Small Towns In America

Central City in Colorado

Photo: Getty Images

Small towns offer charm, neat cultural activities, history, and other fun stuff to do. You also get that cozy feeling while not worrying about the hustle and bustle of a big metro city like New York City, Seattle, or Houston. Smithsonian Magazine also wanted to share their love of small towns by finding the top 15 ones in the country.

"Our picks for the 15 best small towns to visit this year all have a population of 25,000 or under, a high density of cultural offerings and natural beauty, and a compelling reason to visit in 2022," according to writers.

One Colorado city was featured on the list: Cañon City!

Located in the Arkansas River Valley, the magazine touts this town's sunny weather, biking and hiking trails, and stunning views of the mountainous terrain:

"The picturesque town’s best known natural asset is the Royal Gorge, a narrow, more than 1,000-foot deep canyon (one of Colorado’s deepest) that acts as a bottleneck for the Arkansas River, making for some incredible whitewater rafting. Local outfitter Lost Paddle Rafting hosts day and overnight trips on the river, in addition to mountain bike tours at spots like Phantom Canyon Road, a 30-mile stretch with breathtaking rock formations and ghost towns."

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