The Highest-Rated Restaurant Serving Fried Rice In Miami

Chinese special fried rice takeaway food

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Fried rice is amazing comfort food if you're looking for a quick meal or a companion to a hearty entree. It's even more delicious when you stuff it with delicious meats, from shrimp and beef to chicken. The dish can easily be modified for both vegetarians and vegans, too!

Miami is full of restaurants ready to serve you their take on fried rice, so which one is the best? Yelp has the answer to that.

After searching for "Fried Rice" in Miami and filtering by the highest ratings, 107 TASTE claimed the top spot!

This restaurant chain has locations across the Magic City, and its Coral Gables location is ranked No. 1. Its Thai Pineapple fried rice fish can come with tofu, shrimp, chicken, beef, or BBQ pork for a little extra! While you're there, don't forget to grab some sake or bubble tea with that!

Here are the Top 10 Miami restaurants serving fried rice. We limited restaurants with multiple locations to one slot:

  1. 107 Taste (Coral Gables)
  2. Red Shallot 
  3. Good Chef Restaurant 
  4. Lil’ Laos
  5. Blue Elephant
  6. Rock A Bangkok
  7. Khaosan Road
  8. Enya Asian Bistro
  9. Cafe Oriental
  10. Minty Z

Check out the full list on Yelp.

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