Frank Iero Took His Daughter To See Her 'Favorite Band Of All Time' Weezer

Frank Iero has been soaking up the joys of My Chemical Romance's long-awaited reunion tour, but it was another band that he spoke fondly of in a sweet new Instagram post. The guitarist shared the story of taking his daughter to see her "favorite band of all time," Weezer, at the Firefly Music Festival — an event that MCR also played.

"d**n, last night was a total blast…" he wrote alongside a series of photos. "Lily’s favorite band of all time is Weezer, sometimes she’ll say it’s Mychem but i know she’s just trying not to hurt my feelings."

"I was probably around her age when my dad took me to see Weezer for the first time," he continued. "The blue album had just come out and they were playing the parking lot at Trenton thunder stadium for a local radio station. They blew my mind then, and now getting to watch them side of stage with her and the rest of my family if it weren’t so cold it would have brought tears to my eyes. The topper was then getting to play that same stage with my best friends while my kids cheered us on, such a surreal experience and nothing short of a bucket list moment for me."

See Iero's post below.

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