This Is Colorado's Best Burger Joint


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Just about anybody can enjoy a juicy burger. While plenty of restaurants serve this American classic, nobody does it better than restaurants and eateries dedicated to grilling the perfect burger.

If you're looking for your next burger hangout, 24/7 Wall St. found the best burger joint in every state. The website states, "To assemble a list of the best hole-in-the-wall burger joints in every state, 24/7 Tempo consulted reviews and ratings on a wide range of websites, including Food & Wine, The Daily Meal, Thrillist, Reader’s Digest, Eater, Yelp, Lovefood, Cheapism, Big 7 Travel, and Taste of Home, as well as state and regional restaurant listings for every state."

Colorado's top burger joint is Bud's Cafe & Bar!

"Bud’s, on the edge of the Denver metro area, keeps it simple," writers say. "Opened in the 1940s, they sell burgers made from locally sourced beef as they have always done. There are very few options and sometimes that’s for the best. At Bud’s what you want is a burger with American cheese on top and pickles and onions on the side."

You can find this restaurant at 5453 Manhart St. in Sedalia. They're available for dine-in and takeout.

You can see other states' preferred burger joints on 24/7 Wall St's website.

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