For IWD - 10 Things That Aren't Designed for Women, But Should Be!

Today is International Women's Day . . . so it's a good time to revisit things that were apparently NOT designed with women in mind.



People on social media are suggesting things that could be re-engineered to make them more comfortable and considerate to women. Here are the highlights:



1. Comfort and safety in cars. Seatbelts that fit more naturally for women, particularly those with larger breasts. And utilizing crash test dummies with women's body types . . . including pregnant ones . . . for automotive testing.



2. Special compartments in vehicles where you can keep your purse.



3. Tools, gardening equipment, and cooking knives that are designed for people with smaller hands and grips. In some cases, the tools geared toward women are just pink, and aren't actually made any differently.



4. Unisex bathrooms should always have special boxes or trash cans for period-product disposal. And free products should be available, just like toilet paper is.



5. There should also be purse or bag hooks mounted on the vanities in public restrooms. They allow you to avoid putting your purse on the floor . . . or on the countertops, which are often wet or too small to hold them.



6. The "modern" see-through floors or staircases can be a problem for women wearing dresses and skirts.



7. Massage tables could have "boob holes" for better comfort.



8. Fitness bicycles with wider seats for women. You can buy bikes with seats designed for women . . . but this is for gyms, spin classes, and public city bikes.



9. Larger pockets.



10. And one person seems to be asking for more lanyards . . . because "There's no great option for where to put name tags on outfits, plus they never stick well, so you're just constantly pressing your hand to your breast to fix them."



(Buzzfeed / Reddit)

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