It's Telephone Tuesday, the Top Day for Phone Calls All Year

 Happy Telephone Tuesday! Or if you've been stuck on hold for an hour, maybe NOT so happy.



The Tuesday after Labor Day is supposedly the day businesses get the most phone calls all year. It's partly because everyone's open again after the long weekend, and it's when people start planning for the holidays.



Customer service has to answer your call, they don't have a choice. But a poll we just saw last week found WE don't always pick up anymore.



Only one in five people still answer calls from unknown numbers no matter what. 54% never do.



Here's one more leftover stat from that poll: The top reasons we don't answer those calls include it could be a scammer . . . it's probably a telemarketer . . . whoever it is, it'll be a waste of time . . . and we're just too busy to pick up

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