Beloved Bakery Serves The 'Best Pie' In Colorado

Slice of homemade pecan pie with pecans

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People with a sweet tooth can enjoy various desserts to satisfy their cravings, from a colorful slice of cake to freshly-baked pastries from a bakery. Then there are pies, a go-to treat to finish off most meals. This classic dessert can come in many amazing flavors and topped with yummy additions, such as chocolate and fresh fruit. Luckily, there's no shortage of eateries and shops baking beautiful pies across the nation.

LoveFood has a special list for all the pie lovers out there. Writers revealed where you can find the best pie in every state based on reviews, accolades, and first-hand experiences.

According to the website, Colorado's most delicious pie is the bourbon pecan pie from Gold Star Bakery, formerly Gold Star Pies! Starting as a food truck selling pies, they opened a brick-and-mortar location last October to continue baking mouthwatering treats. Here's what makes their pie so wonderful:

“...A favorite amongst locals since it started serving pies since 2017. The bourbon pecan pie is the bestseller, combining toasted pecans and walnuts, bourbon, and perfectly flaky pastry. The pie often tends to sell out, so make sure you pre-order a slice or a whole pie for pick up...”

If you're craving a slice of this pie, drop by 1604 S Cascade Ave. in Colorado Springs.

Visit for the continued list of every state's tastiest pie.

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