Fans Aren’t Happy About Gorillaz' NFT

Gorillaz are the latest to hop on the NFT train, and fans aren’t happy about it. The band is being criticized for launching an NFT after news that selling the digital items has a huge effect on climate change.

A recent report by“Wired”says the impact of NFTs on the environment could be bad. According to the publication, it took just 10 seconds for cryptocurrency website Nifty Gateway to use about as much electricity it takes to power a household for a year.

Disappointed Gorillaz fans are making themselves heard on Twitter, “even if they don't know about the environment impact, that just means they're agreeing to something without doing any research,” writes one Twitter user. “Gorillaz doing NFTs despite making the literal album ‘Plastic Beach’, which is about environmentalism, is making me lose my mind,” point out another. Now I know!