In the Valley Below's "The Pink Chateau" screening

Musical duo IN THE VALLEY BELOW has created a full-length movie,The Pink Chateau, that correlates with each song on their new album, also named, “The Pink Chateau.” 

From the art-rock duo In the Valley Below comes a captivating musical and theatrical event that will both stun you with its cinematic visuals and have you dancing to its catchy electro-pop beats.

THE PINK CHATEAU is a story of a young woman who follows a beautiful stranger into the countryside. What unfolds is a series of sensual and intimate tales in the form of a modern silent movie with In the Valley Below’s latest album as the soundtrack.

Guests can expect the unexpected – a fully immersive audio and visual experience as the band performs the album/score live in theaters. Did we mention this was all going to be broadcast over headphones? Don’t miss the chance to participate in this unique fusion of cinema and live music.

Screening April 20th

The Alamo Drafthouse - Sloans Lae



Album in stores April 26th.


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