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Music Nerds can score exclusive Look for Your Name prizes just for filling out your Music Nerd Survey! If your name is listed below, you have been selected to receive Tickets to Inhaler at Summit Music Hall on 3/27

Winners must email (SarahHolden at iheartmedia dot com) by midnight to claim the prize. Please include your first and last name, a contact phone number and the e-mail address you used to sign up as a Music Nerd, if different from your current e-mail address. If you are not a Music Nerd you can click here to sign up. It's free and there's lots of benefits, including giveaways like this! Winners must be 21+

Monday 3/20/23

Rayanna Eckhardt of Centennial

Johnny Chabin of Centennial

Branndon Rullman of Thorton

Katrinia Rae of Littleton

Laura Mann of Denver

Jane Hulk of Denver

Savoy Kirkpatrick of Arvada

Jennifer Kirkpatrick of Arvada

Katie Law of Denver

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