Bike To Work Day


2019 REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR EVERYONE! Come one, come all, and register today for the June 26 Bike to Work Day event!

Find breakfast, water and bike party stations along your route and get a boost to keep you going!

Bike to Work Breakfast stations are open from 6:30 – 9:00 AM. Water stations are open from 3:30 - 6:00 PM, offering water only. Bike Parties may have variable hours in the evening.

Catch Channel 93.3 here (4695 South Monaco, Denver), starting at 7am for breakfast, music and prize!


When does Colorado celebrate Bike to Work Day? And why is it different than the national day?

Most of the country celebrates Bike to Work Day in May, but due to Colorado’s mountain communities and unpredictable weather, the state legislature declared June as Colorado Bike Month, with the fourth Wednesday of the month being Bike to Work Day.

Can I register if I walk to work or do something other than driving alone?

While we applaud commuters who don’t drive alone to work, the primary goal of the campaign is promoting bicycle commuting, even if it’s one leg of the commute (i.e., bike and bus). Only register if you will be biking for at least a portion of your commute.

Why should I register?

To win great prizes! And, because Bike to Work Day is a federally funded event, registrations enable us to correctly report the impact of taking 25,000 or more vehicles off the road that day, which helps ensure future funding for the event and support from regional leaders for biking infrastructure projects which make it easier to encourage biking all the time.


Bike to Work Day is organized by the Denver Regional Council of Governments’ (DRCOG) Way to Go program with help from community planning partners. DRCOG is a nonprofit collaborative association governed by a Board of Directors representing 56 county and municipal governments.

For more information on Denver’s bike program, visit


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