Tom Morello Refutes Criticism Over RATM's Coachella Reunion

Audible Celebrates Tom Morello At Minetta Lane Theatre In NYC

While some fans say Rage Against the Machine's upcoming reunion at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is antithetical to its anti-establishment message, guitarist Tom Morello isn't taking suggestions.

It seems that just as initial excitement over RAtM's 2020 return has died down, criticism for what some perceive to be a cash-grab has intensified.

While Coachella was a strictly alternative-minded affair for many years, the script has flipped and it's become known as one of the festival scene's most corporate affairs. Morello isn't moved by the complaints, however, noting that RATM has a long history with Coachella.

He responded to one critique on social media, writing: "Previously: Rage headlined Coachella 1999. Previously: Rage headlined Coachella in 2007. #YaLateOnYaHate."

While a lot has changed with Coachella since '07, you'd be hard-pressed to find a major festival — one that could safely accommodate the mayhem that comes with a Rage Against the Machine performance — that isn't "corporate."

If Coachella is too corporate now, then by Morello's logic, it was too corporate then.

Fans have long argued that Rage's political message is at-odds with the capitalist nature of the music business. There's always been some grey area.

While Rage Against the Machine surely enjoys the spoils of its labor, it's hard to argue that the band hasn't put its money where its mouth is.

Most fans agree, the world is better with Rage Against the Machine in it.

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