How Far Can You Drive Your Vehicle on Empty?

This stood out to me, because I recently had a wild ride. My gas light come on leaving Woodland Park heading towards Deckers during a night time snow storm and I made it ALL the way to Sedalia! A MIRACLE! Or, so I thought. Apparently my Subaru Outback can go almost 85 miles on a low fuel light!

Here's a handy list of other vehicles range when that dreaded light comes on. And, you can see way more when you click the link at the bottom.

You can see the full list How Far Can You Drive Your Vehicle on Empty?

YourMechanic Advice, but here’s a look at the top ten:

Chevy Silverado – 25 miles

Ford Fusion – 35-80 miles

Ford F150 – 35-80 miles

Honda Accord – 70-93 miles

Honda CR-V – 62-78 miles

Honda Civic – 59-80 miles

Nissan Altima – 81-114 miles

Ram 1500 – 63-87 miles

Toyota Camry – 65-91 miles

Toyota Corolla – 60-84 miles

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