This Is The Best Chili In Colorado


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A warm, bowl of chili can satisfy just about anybody. Like many American faves, this special stew has different versions, especially based on the region.

If you're in the Southwest, expect heat, spice, and maybe some green chiles. A Texas bowl of chili tends to be meatier with no beans or veggies. Swing by Cincinnati and you may get a sweeter bowl packed with cinnamon, Worcestershire sauce, and even chocolate. Don't discount vegetarian and vegan chilis, either!

With that said, where can you find the tastiest bowl of chili in Colorado? According to LoveFood, you need to visit Cherry Cricket for its R&C Pork Green Chile!

Here's why writers chose this restaurant's delicious chili:

"There's a reason this Denver hangout has been in business since 1945, because its food – including its imaginative chili bowls – keep customers coming back. The highlight is the R & C Pork Green Chile, which has even won awards. It's made in true Colorado style with tasty hunks of pork, warming green chiles and tomatoes."

Cherry Cricket has two locations in Denver: Cherry Creek (2641 E 2nd Ave.) and Ballpark (2220 Blake St.). They're both available for dine-in and curbside pickup.

Click HERE to check out LoveFood's full list.

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