Did Alexa Predict World War Three Starts November 23rd?

This would definitely put a damper on Thanksgiving dinner . . .


An old video from 2021 is circulating on TikTok right now. It shows Amazon's Alexa predicting the start of WORLD WAR THREE . . . and it's THIS YEAR.  (!!!)


A guy asks her when it starts, and she says exactly at 6:05 P.M. on November 23rd, when Russia bombs Germany.


November 23rd is Thanksgiving Day this year . . . which FEELS like World War Three for a lot of families. But will we all really be hiding in a bunker together? The answer is almost definitely no, we'll be fine.


It turns out the original version of the video came from a guy who does this a lot with Alexa, using a feature called "Skill Blueprints." That's where you can set up custom responses to specific questions.


He's also done videos where Alexa predicts The Rock will be elected president in 2028 . . . and that Miami will be completely destroyed by a hurricane in 2025. 


(Daily Star


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