Should We Just Split the Bill Evenly? One in Three People Hate That

 If you suggest this the next time you're out to dinner friends, just know . . . one or two of them may secretly HATE you for it.

A new poll found a third of us don't think splitting a restaurant bill EVENLY is a good idea, unless everyone's order cost the same.

It was part of a bigger survey on sharing in general, and here's one more thing to know about: That friend might also get annoyed if you ask to TRY their food.

Two-thirds said if someone asked to try their food, they'd consider not going out to eat with them again.  (???) And 46% said it's a red flag on a first date.

Most people admitted they usually say yes to that request anyway, because saying no just seems rude.

But if they do say yes, those non-sharers would like you to at least follow these two rules: Use your own fork . . . and put it on a separate plate, don't eat directly off theirs. 

FWIW, I'm ALL for splitting the bill evenly, no matter what!

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