A Colorado Drunk Driver Tried to Switch Places with His Dog

 I've heard of drunk drivers trying to switch places with a passenger at a DUI stop . . . but usually, that passenger is another HUMAN.



A 28-year-old male driver in Colorado got pulled over on suspicion of DUI last Saturday . . . and at the last minute, he tried to switch places with his DOG who was in the passenger seat.



The deputy actually witnessed this maneuver as he approached the vehicle.



The man told the cop he wasn't driving the car . . . and then he got out of the passenger door and tried to make a run for it. He got about 20 yards away before being caught and arrested.



The weird thing is: The dog wasn't the only other passenger. There were two SOBER PEOPLE in the backseat. It's unclear why the man didn't try to switch with them . . . but obviously he wasn't in the sharpest state of mind.



(9 News)

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