We built this Smitty on rock and roll! Smitty has been in radio since she was 16. She’s a Colorado native and graduated from Radio Disney to iHeartRadio in 2012. She loves music just as much as her listeners do and can be found at concerts – either enjoying the Denver music scene or headlining venues like the Gothic with her band. When she’s not on air or at a concert, she can be found at a local brewery sampling one of Colorado's finest brews or at any of Colorado’s outdoor events. She Emceed PetAid Colorado’s first ever Woof Fest in summer 2014 and has been a part of other big events including teaming up with Breckenridge Brewery for the Brews Wayne release party, and being a part of the Nerd Prom and Comic Con traditions. And she loves costumes, she really loves costumes…some might even say too much...



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